What is Oxygen Lancing?

Oxygen lancing is simply a method where Lance-A-Job uses oxygen to cut through various materials. This is done by feeding pressurised oxygen through a burning steel tube resulting in the rapid disintegration of the material being cut. Temperatures typically range from 2000C to 4000C causing the material to oxidize or rust quickly. You can achieve a cut that has a typical scalloped effect through oxygen lancing because the pressure of the oxygen causes the oxidized material to be blown away from the cut area.

Lancing has been practiced from as far back as the early thirties. At first it was applied in the steel industry as a means to open tap holes and cut run-outs safely. It soon became apparent that with the high temperatures used, oxygen lancing would successfully cut through a range of other materials. Since then this method of using oxygen to lance has been used in not only the steel industry but other industries as well. Lance-A-Job is therefore ideal for all your oxygen lancing needs.

What is oxygen lancing used for?

The process of lancing with oxygen is unfamiliar to most however it has been adapted for use in cutting different types of materials in numerous industries including steel, foundry, mining, civil, scrap metal and mechanical maintenance.

A recent use of oxygen lance is the repair and maintenance of seafaring vessels. The great thing is that Lance-A-Job can use oxygen lancing under water so ships can be fixed without having to enter dry docks if you require this service.

Lance-A-Job will gladly assist you in using oxygen lancing for the following:

Oxygen lancing has proved to be very efficient and versatile because it uses extreme operating temperatures to cut through anything. Using the method of oxygen lancing, Lance-A-Job can help you cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals, limestone, concrete, granite and most organic materials easily.

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