Lance-A-Job leading the pack in oxygen or thermal lancing applications and supply

Lance-A-Job is one of the few companies that specialises in oxygen lancing and thermal lance i.e. using oxygen at high temperatures to cut through a range of materials. This specialised process, oxygen lancing, originates from the early thirties and is currently being used in various industries to alleviate problematic cutting.

Through the process of thermal lancing, Lance-A-Job will assist you in cutting virtually all types of material be it refractories, granite, concrete, cast iron, manganese as well as stainless steel. Lancing operates at extremely high temperatures and is efficient in saving time; it cuts at least six times faster than any other cutting method.

Let Lance-A-Job assist you with all your thermal lancing and oxygen lancing needs. These versatile cutting methods can be used in a range of industries including Civil, Mining, Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Scrap Yards and Demolition.

Lance-A-Job is a contractor of all lancing applications

Choose Lance-A-Job as your official contractor for any oxygen lancing applications that you require. Lance-A-Job is especially experienced in cutting unusual shapes using the thermal lancing method anything from bevel, square, and round. Look forward to oxygen lancing applications that are carried out safely and efficiently as well as saving you a lot of time.

Consult Lance-A-Job for thermal and oxygen lancing applications including, cutting ferrous and non ferrous scrap, lancing stainless steel, opening tap holes as well as underwater lancingto name a few.

Lance-A-Job supplies thermal and oxygen lancing equipment

Lance-A-Job is not only limited to applications, it also supplies thermal lancing equipment in the form of wirepack oxygen lances and oxygen lancing sets. The equipment is easy to assemble and maintain.

Oxygen Lancing Set

The oxygen lancing set includes an oxygen source, oxygen manifold, oxygen regulator, wire-braided hose, ball or lever valve, flashback arrestor, lance holder, oxygen lance and personal protective equipment.

Wirepack Oxygen Lance

The wirepack oxygen lance features a 3m burning lance, special 3 point crimp, non-waste and a time saving cutting tool its cleaned for thermal lance, oxygen lancing use.

Lance-A-Job provides lances that are obtainable in various diameters and lengths to suit your requirements. If you need custom made thermal lance, oxygen lancing and thermal lance, oxygen lancing equipment, thermal lance, oxygen lancing-A-Job will definitely accommodate you.

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