Lance-A-Job your ideal contractor for all lancing applications

Lance-A-Job is a contractor for all lancing applications including concrete lancing, cast iron lancing, demolition lancing, stainless steel lancing and granite lancing. Oxygen lancing is fairly unknown to most however it has been adapted for use in cutting different types of materials in numerous industries including steel, foundry, mining, civil, scrap metal and mechanical maintenance.

Lance-A-Job can assist you with the following lancing applications:

Tunnel Access

Tunnel Access
  • Lancing access for a tunnel roadway through a concrete bunker wall.

Thermal Lancing


  • Cutting a doorway through a concrete louvred wall
  • Dimensions – 1,0m x 2,4m x 100m (T)
  • Removal time – 4 hours.

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Thermal Lancing

Cast Iron Rolls

Cast Iron Rolls
  • Lancing scrap cast iron rolls for recycling purposes into a furnace at a steel mill
  • Dimensions – 7.2m x 850mm Ø
  • Weight 22 tons.

Shaft Pin Removal

Shaft Pin Removal
  • Removing shaft or pins that are seized solid using thermal lancing
  • Dimensions – 640mm (L) x 380mm Ø
  • Removal time – 2,5 hours.

Plant Demolition

Plant Demolition
  • Lancing a heat exchanger in sections for removal
  • Vessel size – 4,9m Ø x 15m (H)
  • Estimated mass – 100 tons
  • Number of tubes – 2 100 x 50mm Ø
  • Removal time for six sections – 50 hours.

Other lancing applications done by Lance-A-Job include:

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